The feeding industry has steam flaked grain using the same technology for the past 50 years. This old technology has resulted in inconsistency of product and energy inefficiency. Some individuals in the vertical steam chest industry have tried to address issues of inconsistency, with little success. It still remains old technology. An innovative team of marketing, nutritional, and engineering professionals decided to tackle this problem.


Production Systems L.L.C.’s team of experts designed a steam conditioner that could be used in the livestock or food industries. After several years of study, a horizontal steam conditioner was developed as a solution to past problems and is revolutionizing the feeding industry. The conditioner was designed around utilizing the most efficient use of steam and also obtaining consistent results of a product.

The new horizontal conditioner allows all of the grain to see the same amount of steam at very low operating pressures. The horizontal steam conditioner not only does a consistent job, but at a much lower cost of operation. Savings have amounted to as much as 60% in operating costs, in some cases. The highly efficient steam conditioner has solved many past problems without increasing production costs. This new technology is a result of innovators totally thinking outside of the box.

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home_graphSavings have amounted to as much as 60% in operating costs.